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IAG @ BrockU is an academic research group located at the Faculty of Business, Brock University (Ontario), Canada. Envisioned as collaborative effort from industry, government affiliates, and researchers, it is designed to research, analyze, and recommend solutions to challenges surrounding the information assurance issues in the organizations.

Information assurance (IA) is a topic of growing interest to many organizations. The regulatory environment in corporate reporting, privacy issues, as well as general threats to information systems due to computer crime, accidents or disastrous events are driving the need for organizations to safeguard their information assets. These concerns affect all types of organizations whether small or large companies, private or government, and across different sectors from manufacturing to services, academia, health and others.

Focal point for research and expertise of IAG@BrockU is in the areas of strategic risk management, issues of security and privacy, economics and management of security, corporate governance, compliance, audits, business continuity, and disaster recovery.